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A couple nights ago, Ty taught me about swordfighting. “What is swordfighting?” I asked him, suspicious. Because I happen to know he does not own a sword, play or otherwise. Does he use sticks? Somehow, even before he explains, I already know sticks are not part of the equation.

Ty cackles, swivels his hips, puts his hand in front of his pelvis, and mimes aiming. You know.

“You swordfight with pee?”


“Where? Outside?” Please outside.

“No, in the bathroom. I do it with O.”

“Do you get pee on the floor?” Or the walls, I wonder? This is all I can think about.

“No,” he crows. “We do it into the toilet. We cross the streams into the toilet.”

An image here of the two little boys standing together, aiming together, laughing their heads off. The antidote for a mundane bodily function. Girls don’t have this have this kind of opportunity to bond, or maybe we do but we don’t think of it (or are we above it?). Then again, I can’t envision the physics of it or the necessary proximity to…oh never mind.

“Ty, I don’t like the idea of you ‘swordfighting’ in the bathroom. Maybe if you’re outside in the yard or something.” Am I being uptight?

Ty stares at me, incredulous. “What? Why not? Daddy does it!”



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Birthday Boy

Today is Ty’s birthday. He’s nine. That’s halfway to being grown and gone. I have to pause here and think about that for a moment. Halfway done with my parenting. At least my everyday parenting (and more than halfway with my daughter). Yeah, sure, we’ll be talking on the phone when they’re off at college, reading emails from halfway around the world if they choose to travel like I did. But the everyday business of breakfast and family dinners and school performances and goodnight kisses…well, I don’t need to think about that just now. Only halfway there.

In the meantime, in good kid fashion, we are whooping it up with chocolate cake and presents and balloons. Bring on nine. Nine is fine.   

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Toys for Christmas

Have you been into Yeagers’ toy department lately? The place is awash in new toys that look remarkably like the toys one could find at Fountain Galleria.

Here’s why: some of the toy staff at Fountain have gone to work Yeagers and are giving the basement toy area a facelift. While visiting yesterday, I overheard one of the staff say that four of the Fountain staff had come on board at Yeagers. I found many of the same things that Fountain carried–music boxes, Klutz kits, marble runs, Brio trains, science kits…the list goes on. But you can still find the old Yeagers’ standards too: baseball mitts, four-square balls, badminton nets, games, puzzles, and all that Playmobil Yeagers specializes in.

It’s still not quite as packed with little surprises as Fountain was–maybe it’s headed that way, I don’t know–but you can wile away a lot of time here, just like you could at Fountain. One of the best parts? They now offer complimentary gift wrapping, just like Fountain did. 

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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Boys Read

Here’s a shout out to all parents of grade-school aged boys who don’t feel inspired to read (boys, I mean) or who have a hard time finding books they like at their level (my boy).

I just discovered this website, courtesy of a friend of mine, called Guys Read. To be honest, I found the site a tad tricky to navigate, but I love the focus on boys, and I will be perusing the lists for ideas. It’s a place to start.

Jon Scieszka is a children’s author who understands boys’ resistance to reading (not all boys, of course). And if you’ve read anything on education and boys, you’ll know how depressing the news is. What I find refreshing about Scieszka’s website is he is tuning into boys’ unique needs and interests. There are soooo many resources out there for girls, including magazines like American Girl, books that appeal to girls, mother/daughter book clubs, and books about how to start a mother/daughter book club. All fantastic, and I’m grateful for every last idea, but what about my boy? I’d love an American Boy equivalent and other resources geared for boys.  

What I’d really like is a list of books for emerging chapter-book readers. Up till now, for my third-grader’s needs, I’ve relied on our local children’s librarians, who are fabulous, always happy to recommend books based on interests, reading level, etc. They are a fantastic resource for reluctant readers (for any readers).

Meanwhile, I’m checking out this wesite, and if you know of any others, let me know. I’d love to hear about them.

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