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Braving the Wind

Yesterday was by far the coldest Christmas tree experience we’ve ever had. I suspect lots of people were in this boat, and we actually debated about hoofing to our local Haggen to buy a cut tree, and also the possibility of waiting until next weekend, which I’m glad we didn’t do, but then we decided to brave the bitter temperatures and go to our regular haunt, Manthey’s Christmas Treeland out on Axton Rd.

Thankfully, the roads out in the county were clear—bone dry, in fact. We went out with some friends, all of us determined to pick a tree, quick, quick, and race for home. Our friends did just that. Somehow they were sawing away at the base of a tree before we’d even exited our car.

There was nothing quick about our tree choice, despite the frigid wind. “No, no, it’s too short.” “No, that’s too yellow.” “No, that’s too droopy.” We tromped and tromped. “It’s cold out here,” I kept saying. “I’m fine,” said Leah. “I’m not cold,” said Ty. “This tree better be significantly better than T. and D.’s tree,” my husband muttered, referring to the tree already tied to the top of our friends’ car.

When Leah finally pronounced a specific tree The One, and Ty agreed, the adults in the family said yes with barely a glance. Curt sawed it down in double time, and we all ran for the car.

“Funny how our trees always look the same once the ornaments are on,” Leah said later. I hope that means we picked a good one.

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