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Travel Writing Review

So I read this book quite some time ago with mixed reaction, but I’ve been thinking about it because today I was telling a friend about travel writer Rolf Potts, who wrote the most hilarious review of it.

My friend and I agreed that Gilbert is just too whiny, but still we both read the book, anyway. Some vicarious living going on for us mothers, I suspect, and, according to Potts, for women in general.

Whether you loved this book or didn’t, whether you’re a man or a woman, you can’t help but appreciate Potts’ writing.



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Last night I took Ty to the library for some books on Montezuma (his choice) for a school research project. As we descended the steps toward the fountain, he said, “I used to think throwing pennies in the fountain was good luck. Now I know it’s just a waste of money.”

My little businessman.

When the kids were small and we trekked to the library for story time, the event of the day was throwing pennies into the fountain, as it is for most Bellingham toddlers. Life came to a screeching halt if we didn’t take the time to toss a good-luck penny and study where it landed. Judging from the number of pennies in the fountain (and it’s only May) the tradition is carrying on.

Without us.

Now my son is hunkered at the dining table reading from a history book written for adults. The Aztecs and Montezuma and blood sacrifices and Cortes. The bowed head, the creased brow as he tries to read unpronounceable names, the reciting of new information—it all charms me. He’s as cute now at nine as he was at three. It’s different, though, less innocent.

I miss the penny throwing.

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Boys Read

Here’s a shout out to all parents of grade-school aged boys who don’t feel inspired to read (boys, I mean) or who have a hard time finding books they like at their level (my boy).

I just discovered this website, courtesy of a friend of mine, called Guys Read. To be honest, I found the site a tad tricky to navigate, but I love the focus on boys, and I will be perusing the lists for ideas. It’s a place to start.

Jon Scieszka is a children’s author who understands boys’ resistance to reading (not all boys, of course). And if you’ve read anything on education and boys, you’ll know how depressing the news is. What I find refreshing about Scieszka’s website is he is tuning into boys’ unique needs and interests. There are soooo many resources out there for girls, including magazines like American Girl, books that appeal to girls, mother/daughter book clubs, and books about how to start a mother/daughter book club. All fantastic, and I’m grateful for every last idea, but what about my boy? I’d love an American Boy equivalent and other resources geared for boys.  

What I’d really like is a list of books for emerging chapter-book readers. Up till now, for my third-grader’s needs, I’ve relied on our local children’s librarians, who are fabulous, always happy to recommend books based on interests, reading level, etc. They are a fantastic resource for reluctant readers (for any readers).

Meanwhile, I’m checking out this wesite, and if you know of any others, let me know. I’d love to hear about them.

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The Dark Side

Ty has been reading Calvin and Hobbes this week. He’ll go off and read for a while and then come back to the kitchen and quote the comic strips verbatim. He thinks they’re hilarious.

But this picture of Calvin is his all-time favorite, and the first time Ty saw it he laughed for several minutes. I think he must be living out his dark side…


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