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Embarrassing Parents

When you’re in seventh grade, what could possibly be more embarrassing than your parents? Aparently nothing.

Tonight’s dinner conversation:

Dad: “Oh, by the way, Leah, I emailed Mr. H. to let him know I can come in for your science class.”

Leah: “What? Why?”

Dad: “Because he’s interested in having a parent volunteer come in.”

Leah: “But that’s so embarrassing!”

Dad: “Why? What do you think I’m going to do?” His voice gets high and babyish. “Talk about tucking you into bed?”

Leah: “Nooo, but it’s so embarrassing.”

Dad:  “Why? What’s embarrassing about me?”

Leah: “You don’t even know because you’re you. You can’t know what’s embarrassing about you.”

We get it. We exist. What could be worse? (Oh so many things, but she can’t think beyond Dad in the classroom. Horrors.)

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