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Brace Face

Leah got braces on her lower teeth yesterday (more hardware to come). The appointment was our third, and I was struck by something.

Everyone who goes to orthodontist is somewhere between 10 and 15 (at least the kids I’ve seen so far). You know how you take your preschoolers to the library story time to connect with other parents and preschoolers? Well, the parents of teens are hanging in the orthodontist’s office.

What really struck me, though, was how independent the kids are. They check themselves in, nod at their mom, and head off to get their braces tightened or whatever they’re here for. They settle into the ortho chair without bribery, cajoling, or threatening. There’s no shushing or running or hopping or flicking or hitting or leaving early in an embarrassing storm of tears while the room watches you in silence. 

I saw it time and time again. The willingness. The growth. The social skills. Heaven, sheer heaven.

Now if they could only be like that at home…


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Body Parts

So, the update on my knee is that it’s likely a strained ligament, nothing more. We hope it’s nothing more, anyway, but luckily knees are a wait-and-see kind of joint. I wish I didn’t have to learn about them all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, the knee is taking a backseat to Leah’s braces. She got spacers this week and next week she gets braces on her bottom teeth. The tops will come later. I am walking the grocery store aisles with soft foods on the brain in preparation for next week’s appointment. All I can think is that her vegetable quota will go unmet—untouched—unless I can get her to imbibe some carrot juice. I’m thinking that’s a no go. She laughed when I suggested it.

Any sugggestions? 

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