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The New Co-op

So have you been to the Food Co-op’s new location? It is sleek! I stopped in to pick up some vitamins today and a few other things just for fun.

I have been waiting for this store to open for quite some time, patiently but expectantly, because I live closer to the new location than the Forest St. one. Well, that might not quite be true, but I’m more often on the Guide than on Forest St. Plus, lately, in the last year or so, I found myself spending way too much time trolling for a parking spot—that’s a good sign for business, I guess, but sometimes I left without shopping.

Anyway, I’m excited about the new store. The aisles are wider and everything feels bright and airy and shiny and oh, so professional. Not that Forest St. doesn’t—but Cordata does have a different feel. The Co-op feels pretty different from the original on State St. (Okay, at the risk of giving away my age, I even admit to remembering the very original Co-op in Fairhaven in the 70s that was more a shed than a store. The memories are a bit vague, though. Does anyone else remember this place? Do you also remember Toad Hall?)

We have come a long way.

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